ndro Gagné Web Design is a World Wide Web site designer, intranet developer, and Web site hosting service specializing in the needs of small businesses, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals who are looking for quality, value, attention to detail, personal service, and site design that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Based in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, we serve clients located in several states.

We will design and construct a site on the World Wide Web or on your organization's intranet using original graphics created by us for your site, using graphics owned and provided by you, or using a combination of both. We can also design your logo or other graphics for use in other applications. If you are new to Web publishing, we will guide you through the site development process.

If you choose to use our reasonably priced Web hosting service, it includes set-up of the site on our Web server, creation of a Web site address based on your domain name (for example, http://www.YourSiteName.com), routine site maintenance on the Web server, uploading of Web page and image files to your site, creation of e-mail addresses based on your Web site's domain name (for example, Name@YourSiteName.com), and access to statistics on visits to your Web pages. Our site hosting service allows you to have direct access to the files on your site if you wish to participate in site maintenance. Hosting also includes free consultation on questions you might have about developing your Web site.

Whether you hire us to build a new Web or intranet site or to renovate an existing one, you have control over all aspects of site design. Our goal is always to exceed client expectations, and client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Site Design Emphasizing Functionality,
Effective Communication, & Aesthetics

Carefully designed site structure and sensible navigational aids encourage visitors to explore your site.

Quality page layout and typesetting help to get your message across.

Attractive, original graphics make your site distinctive and appealing, enhance your image, and help site visitors feel welcome.

User-friendly form pages can be used to encourage site visitors to send you feedback, request further information, or participate in surveys.

Having your Web site on our secure server makes it possible to set up your site for secure financial transactions and protection of the confidentiality of information sent to you by site visitors.

Discussion forum pages or a blog can be used to encourage information exchange amongst site visitors, to supplement your site with information contributed by visitors, or to provide a means for publishing answers to visitors' questions.

A custom-built database on your site can make it possible for visitors to select the type of data they're interested in and how it will be displayed.

Parts or all of a Web site can be made accessible to a narrower audience through the use of password authentication.

Our site development processes make it possible for you to participate in the enjoyable part of creating the site while we do the technical work.

For more information and to see examples of our work, please contact Andro Gagné by e-mail at . Please include "AGWD" in your message's subject line.

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